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Barugasu, Barogas, Barogasu, Barugas
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59,000 tons

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Orb Form
Zone Fighter
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Zone Fighter Episode 17: Go! Fighter, Scramble!
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Balgaras (バルガラス?, Barugarasu) is a Terro-Beast created by Toho that appeared in the 1973 episode of Zone Fighter, Go! Fighter, Scramble .


Balgaras resembles a Tyrannosaurus, with some minor alterations to its body. He has curved red dorsal plates running down his back in a similar fashion to a Stegosaurus', and he has pale spikes running down the outer sides of his legs. His skin is mostly white, but his belly is green with a red streak running down it. Similar red streaks run around his eyes, and he has red irises. Balgaras' Orb Form maintains Balgaras' colouring and some of his red spikes, but has an unusual, near-human face with a large nose and red eyes.


Zone Fighter

Balgaras was created by the Garogas when they placed an unknown reptile on the desolate Planet Bulgar. Over time, the animal mutated into Balgaras. A short while later, the Garogas obtain Smokey, the Zone Family's spaceship with Angel and Junior still onboard, and places it on Bulgar as bait, where Balgaras ambushes Zone Angel and Zone Junior. Zone Fighter arrives, and at first was having trouble coping with the monster's unusual abilities, but he lured it into a trap, injuring it with his Proton Beam. He then tore off one of Balgaras' dorsal fins and jammed it into their mouth, before finishing it off with his Meteor Missile Might attack.


  • Balgaras can curl into an Orb. In this form he can fly and hover. In this form, he can't fire his toxic gas but can ram opponents instead.
  • Balgaras can revert back into his regular form, but loses the ability to fly or hover.
  • Balgaras can regenerate if its destroyed in Orb form, but in the process turns back into his normal form.
  • Balgaras can fire a toxic gas from its mouth.


  • Balgaras has one of the most bizarre deaths in the series - after he dies, sparks fly from him, and a cross rises out of the ground. Finally, a halo rises from Balgaras and travels above the cross.
  • Balgaras' Orb form ability is shared with the Bacillus from Godzilla: The Series.
  • Balgaras bears a resemblance to the The Return of Ultraman kaiju Arstron, only with different colours and more dorsal fins.
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