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The Gryphon
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Godzilla (1994)

The Gryphon (グリフォン?, Gurifon) is an unmade alien kaiju from the unmade 1994 American Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. the Gryphon.


The Gryphon has the body of a puma, the wings of a bat and a hydra-headed tongue composed of snakes.


Godzilla 1994

In the early script by Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot, the Gryphon first arrived in Utah, United States in a meteorite, and begins to consume animals, sending Probe Bats to gather the genetic material from many different Earth animals to construct a new body for itself. Once it built its body, it went to New York to battle Godzilla, where it was destroyed.

A popular misconception is that Toho's agreement with TriStar forbade them from creating any monsters of their own. Toho apparently told TriStar that if "their" Godzilla was to battle another creature, it had to be a Toho creation. The two monsters Toho offered, Mothra and King Ghidorah, were too expensive, making TriStar decline. However, this isn't true, as the real reason that the film was scrapped was that the film's budget would have been too expensive for TriStar, making Jan De Bont, the would-have-been director of the film, leave, forcing TriStar bring in Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin along with the rest of the crew of Independence Day, who discarded most of the original script by Rossio and Elliot.


  • The Gryphon can attack with claws and teeth.
  • The Gryphon has a hydra-headed snake tongue in its mouth.
  • The Gryphon can fire blasts of electricity from its wings.
  • The Gryphon can modify Probe Bats to collect animals for it, and absorb genetic material from different creatures to build a new body for itself.


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