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Rainbow Mothra (レインボーモスラ Reinbō Mosura?) is a giant moth-like monster that apeared in Rebirth of Mothra 2.


Species: Unclassified demigod moth imago; Type: Supernatural

Wingspan: 174 feet (53 meters); Length: 79 feet (24 meters); Weight: 5,900 tons

Attributes: Flight, amphibious; Air Speed: Mach 15.5 (excel dash of Mach 85 for 65 seconds)

Powers: Cross heat laser beams, excel pileload, jade bolts, mega breast cannon, reflective green powder, sparkling pyre road, sun strike buster, super durability and endurance, monster telepathy, disbursement into tiny Mothra Leos, transform into Aqua Mothra, space travel

Intelligence: Average

Weakness(es): None revealed

Kaiju Level: Four (heavyweight)

Description: Mothra Leo transforms into Rainbow Mothra to beat Dagahra. Abilities include: Triple rainbow cross heat laser beams from forehead, jade bolts from the wings, a mineral chest beam from the thorax, reflective green powder from the wings that paralyze and cause pain to other monsters, sparkling rainbow buster energy blasts from wings, emit a pressure field that deflects energy beams, emit a levitation field that can lift enemy monsters, the ability to split into thousands of tiny Rainbow Mothras (12 inches or 31 cm), and lastly, the the ability to transform into Aqua Mothra.