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Skeetera was a giant mosquito mutation who fought against Zilla Junior and some other creatures like the King Cobra in the Godzilla:The Series episode "S.C.A.L.E.".


A mutated mosquito that attacked Miami, Skeetera initially lived in the area's wetlands but moved onto more populated feeding grounds, Miami, and battled against Zilla where she demonstrated her power absorption abilites by copying Zilla Junior's fire breath. Despite assistance from S.C.A.L.E., she was captured by H.E.A.T. and the local military and transported to Monster Island, formerly known as Site Omega former base of operations of the Tachyons. Not long after her arrival, the eco-terrorist group known as Servants of Creatures Arriving Late to Earth, better known as S.C.A.L.E., had arrived to free the beasts. Skeetera roamed the island haven, attacking and absorbing blood samples and energy of various mutants. While C-Rex and King Cobra were put back in their areas, the mutant mosquito attacked the Giant Bat, slamming it into the ground before Zilla Junior rrived. The two battled on until the mosquito blasted him down and flew in to drain him again. Zilla Junior made his move and tail whipped the insect into the power plant of the island. Now unconscious, Skeetera was then given her own, isolated location of the island.


  • Energy Absorb: When Skeetera drains the blood of another creature mutation, she will gain their powers and also increase in size and mass. She'll be able to use these powers for a short period of time and can even combine attacks to make them stronger EX: the Giant Bat's sonic blasts+altered King Cobra adesive=fireballs.
  • Massive Strength: Even for her size, Skeetera is brutal in physical combat, as seen in Monster Island when she was able to take down the much bigger King Cobra to the ground. The mega-mosquito also slammed the Giant Bat into structures with no effort at all and even fought Zilla for some time.


  • Skeetera will become weaker when dehydrated and she will also lose her drained energy.


Because of Skeetera's ability to further mutate by sucking mutated blood, she may be a reference to Shockirus. Although she appeared before her, Skeetera is very similar to Megaguirus. Skeetera maybe even a tribute to Mestequila.

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