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The Sub-Zero Manta is a giant mutant manta ray that breathes freezing air from it's mouth. Elsie had to leave her sister's wedding to help H.E.A.T. and Zilla Jr. defeat it. Its only appearance was in the episode "Wedding Bells Blew".

Detailed History

A one of a kind mutation, this oversized manta ray was gifted with flight and a lethal ice breath after being born. It’s theorized it once lived in the arctic and somehow lost its course and found itself in Jersey where it tried to find a new, suitable habitat. Its first choice was at a local aquarium, specifically the penguin exhibit before moving on to frozen food packaging plant where H.E.A.T. was called in. Zilla Jr. quickly drew battle and the two clashed before the humans realized what the ray was after. With Zilla following also, they lured the creature into the ice rink where it quickly went into hibernation.

Major Hicks was then called in to help transport the behemoth, but before any arrangements could be made, the generator died out and the temperature rose, awakening the Mutant Manta Ray. It burst forth from the roof and as the ground forces open fired, it unleashed its ice breath again, freezing them all except Hicks. Zilla again challenged and unleashed his atomic fire just as it did its ice mist. The heat and cold sources met and quickly generated a large thunderstorm. As Elsie’s sister’s nearby wedding was evacuated, the two moved out into sea where Zilla’s head was frozen by the mutation. The creature attacked the Heat-Seeker again before Zilla launched himself out of the water, freed of the ice, and dragged the monster down.

The two tussled again until Zilla began to swim in circles. The kaiju formed a powerful whirlpool that quickly dragged the Mutant Manta Ray down, never to be heard from again.


  • Unusual for a manta ray, the Sub-Zero Manta could fly by using its fins like wings.
  • The Sub-Zero Manta could unleash a sub-zero ice blast which could freeze an entire battalion of tanks and Zilla Jr.'s upper body portion in one strike.

Behind the Scenes

Concept Sub-Zero Manta.jpg

Concept art for the Sub-Zero Manta.

The episode that the Sub-Zero Manta was in was originally supposed to feature a giant bird instead. When the writers learned that other episodes were going to have giant birds in them, they changed it to giant manta.

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