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Comic Book Monster
Beta_Beast as it is seen in Godzilla: King of the Monsters #12
The Beta Beast
120 meters
240 meters
70,000 tons
First Appearance
Godzilla, King of the Monsters #12

The Beta-Beast is an alien monster from an unknown planet that appeared in Godzilla, King of the Monsters #12.


The Beta-Beast is able to withstand total vacuum on its own without any manner of protection. This would indicate a marked ability to survive without any regard to respiration or pressure effects. The monster's insect-like exoskeleton also affords it some protection from physical attack, as witnessed by its quick recovery from Godzilla's mauling muscles. The alien is able to fire a jet of flame from an orifice at the top of its head, flames of such intense heat as to even phase Godzilla. The bulbous extremities that terminate each of its tentacles are able to fire powerful darts, solid missiles able to punch through extremely tough armor. The Beta Beast weighs 70,000 tons.


The Beta-Beast was captured and augmented by the warlords of Beta, an extra-terrestrial species that employs war monsters in their aeons-old struggle against the Megan warlords. The most powerful of their monsters, the Beta-Beast was still not equal to the challenge posed by the Megans' ultimate weapons: the Mega-Monsters. Unable to confront the Megans directly, the Betans moved the Beta-Beast to their base on the Earth's moon, and soon pitted it against Godzilla in an attempt to determine if the Earth monster might be powerful enough to stand against the imminent arrival of the Mega-Monsters. The space-spawned monstrosity harassed the King of the Monsters with his poison-loaded darts and fire breath, but Godzilla quickly fought back, killing the creature with his scorching atomic fire. Based on Godzilla's swift destruction of the Beta-Beast, the Betans were somewhat reassured that Godzilla might indeed be able to overcome their mutual enemies.

Combat Style

The Beta-Beast is a very feral and straight forward fighter, very much the animal it once was. The monster favors employing its natural tooth-and-claw attacks first, resorting to its enhancements only after an enemy has withstood its physical attacks. The Beta-Beast also displays a marked inability to adapt in a combat situation, employing the same tactics even in the face of unexpected actions or abilities on its enemy's part. The Beta-Beast also shows a very determined mind-set, and gives very little thought, if any, to defense. For the Beta-Beast, a battle consists of it attacking relentlessly until either its adversary or itself is destroyed.

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