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Wyvern (飛竜?, Hiryō) is an unmade dragon kaiju from the unmade 1972 Gamera film, Gamera vs. Wyvern.


The Wyvern's body is very long and snake-like. It has two heads with long necks, large wings, and arms. Its heads have sharp beaks with spikes in their cheeks and running down their backs. The Wyvern's body seems to be covered in scales, and its underside resembles an annelid's segmented body. Its wings were tattered and its arms were very short. Concept art shows that the Wyvern would be at the very least two times Gamera's size, and it could triple Gamera's height in length.


Gamera vs. Wyvern

Nothing is known about Gamera vs. Wyvern, but concept art shows that Gamera would have fought the Wyvern in an area completely surrounded by flames. The Wyvern was reworked into Garasharp eventually.


  • The Wyvern's heads would have been able to breathe fire or something similar.
  • The Wyvern could have used its wings to protect its heads by hiding them behind the wings when they were concealing its upper body. It's unknown if the Wyvern could have used its wings to fly.



  • The Wyvern resembles King Ghidorah, as both are dragons with multiple heads that have giant wings and breathe elemental beams.
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