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Zone Fighter (ゾーンファイター?, Zōn Faitā) is a Seijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 tokusatsu series, Zone Fighter.


Zone Fighter has a silver humanoid face, with yellow eyes and a silver antenna coming from his forehead. His body is mostly silver except for a blue triangle on his upper chest, two red lighting bolts across his body, and a large multicolored belt buckle-like object on his lower body. This buckle indicates how much power Zone Fighter has, and ranges from blue when at full power to a deep yellow-red when he is injured or close to collapse. His legs and arms are blue and his gloves are silver. The outer parts of his boots are green and the inner parts are red.


  • Zone Fighter is capable of unleashing barrages of missiles called the Meteor Missiles that are strong enough to destroy most Terro-Beasts. This is one of Zone Fighter's strongest attacks, as it was used as his finishing move quite often.
  • Zone Fighter can fire the Protan Beam from the antennae on top of his head. The Protan Beam uses alot of Zone's energy. It can destroy some Terro-Beasts in one shot. However, Jellar was able to take several shots of the beam without suffering any ill effects.
  • Zone Fighter can achieve flight in the same manner that Jet Jaguar can, by raising his arms in a 'Y' shape and levitating off the ground.
  • Zone Fighter can spray a calming mist called the Subduing Mist before dealing the final to his opponents.
  • Zone Fighter's strength is on par, or equal, to that of most Terro-Beasts.
  • Zone Fighter can perform an Uzi Punch where his fists speed up into a blinding fury.
  • Zone Fighter can create barriers to block or deflect missiles.
  • Zone Fighter can release a Plasma Capsule to shock nearby opponents.
  • Zone Fighter is able to release a stream of arrow-like projectiles from his hands that will slice through their target.
  • Zone Fighter can fly at the average speed of a Jet (around 300 mph).
  • Zone Fighter is able to teleport through a broadcast from a TV set to wherever a battle may be taking place.


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