2075: Meister-Titano's Counterattack is a seven-part manga series created by Yukiko Takayama, which functions as a sequel to Terror of Mechagodzilla (which Takayama wrote).


Set 100 years after the events of Terror of Mechagodzilla in 2075, Katsura is revived by a deep sea mining corporation. The corporation uses thousands of human androids with A.I. to do their bidding and in their midst is a revived cyborg version of Titanosaurus. When the robots, led by the Mecha-Titanosaurus, revolt and attack Tokyo, Katsura is called in to deal with the situation. In the story's last moments, Katsura boards a submarine which is attacked by Titanosaurus. He recognizes Katsura floating in the deep water and picks her up in his hand. The two have a final moment of reflection wherein both realize they are cybernetic shells of their former selves and Katsura drowns in the depths.




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