The A-Cycle Light Ray Gun (Aサイクル光線銃,   A Saikuru kōsen jū?, lit. A Cycle Ray Gun) is a superweapon first used in the 1965 film, Invasion of Astro-Monster.


Showa Series

Invasion of Astro-Monster

The ray guns were made to disrupt electromagnetic waves. The Xiliens were extremely weak to their effects, and lost control of their saucers. This caused the Xiliens' hold over the monsters to be lost.


  • While not appearing as themselves, the props used for the A-Cycle Light Ray Guns were reused and slightly altered as generic military weapons in the Toku Series, Ultraman. They were used in the episode, "Science Special Search Party, Move Out," where they were used as Lasers to fight back against the Monster, Neronga.
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