Akemi Togawa (戸川アケミ,   Togawa Akemi?) is a scientist character in the 1966 Toho film War of the Gargantuas.


War of the Gargantuas

Akemi was a scientist who studied the infant Sanda, establishing the closest bond with the creature out of everyone on the research team. Years later, a green monster rises from the sea and begins to terrorize the area. She and her employer, Paul Stewart, see the monster's description in the newspaper and decide that it is a Gargantua, but Akemi refuses to believe that it is the same docile creature she knew. They are forced to report their findings to the military, whom they aid in devising strategies to defeat the monster. They eventually discover that there are two Gargantuas: the one responsible for attacking the ships, and a docile, mountain-dwelling creature. Her life is saved by the mountain Gargantua, who she recognizes as Sanda. Eventually, Gaira begins to terrorize Tokyo, and Sanda begins to follow him; knowing that he will be killed should he try to enter the city, Akemi tries to use her mother-like influence over Sandra to turn him away. Unfortunately, she fails, and the monsters proceed to battle throughout the city before they are destroyed in the ocean.


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