Andrew Russell was the son of Drs. Mark and Emma Russell, and the older brother of Madison Russell.


In 2002, Andrew was born to Monarch scientists Drs. Mark and Emma Russell. Five years later, he gained a sister named Madison. The Russells lived a mostly happy and carefree life in Boston, but eventually moved to San Francisco due to Emma receiving a job offer there. In 2014, San Francisco became the battleground between Godzilla and a breeding pair of MUTOs, two prehistoric superspecies that were rivaled with each other. Andrew was found dead after being crushed by debris in the ensuing battle, though the rest of his family managed to survive.[1] Andrew's death created a great strain in Mark and Emma's relationship, with the two divorcing and Emma taking Madison. Andrew's death also caused Mark to develop an intense hatred towards Godzilla and all the other Titans, and quit Monarch.

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Andrew can be seen briefly in old pictures and video recordings. Madison also mentions him while arguing with her mother, asking if Andrew would have approved of their mother's actions.


  • The novelization reveals that Andrew was obsessed with Japanese folklore, specifically yōkai, a class of Japanese spirits, demons, and cryptids. The demon bear Onikuma was his favorite and he even wrote a short movie about it but never got to film it.[2]
  • The Boston Red Sox shirt that Madison wears in King of the Monsters is implied to have possibly been Andrew's.

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