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This Anguirus (アンギラス,   Angirasu?) is the first Anguirus of the Singular Point continuity, and the second within the Reiwa era of the franchise. It made its debut in episode 4 of the 2021 Netflix-exclusive animated series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Anguirus's Japanese name, Angirasu (アンギラス), comes from the Japanese spelling of the name of the dinosaur genus Ankylosaurus (アンキロサウルス Ankirosaurusu), upon which the monster's design is based. The name was chosen from several names proposed by employees of Toho during production of Godzilla Raids Again.

In the anime, Anguirus was named by Mayor Yao's grandson from Ankylosaurus after mistaking it for the actual dinosaur.



Similar to previous incarnations of the kaiju, Anguirus's skin is brown and covered in scaly plating, and its back covered in a thick carapace, which is completely covered in sharp spikes running all the way down its tail, which is adorned with a spiked club. The carapace hangs off its body in the back as it ends. This Anguirus is built much more similarly to an Ankylosaurus, with a more rounded body and thick, armored legs, which are plantigrade in the front and digitigrade in the back. Its head, while maintaining the traditional design of the creature, has a small crest of spikes similar in appearance to that of a Triceratops, and a short horn on the tip of its snout as well as seahorse-like eyes. It has a large spike on the knee joint of both its hind legs.


Anguirus retains his Showa roars. However, some of his lower broadcasts sound very similar to the Tyrannosaurus from Jurassic Park.


Godzilla Singular Point


Anguirus first stole and ate one of the Rodan carcasses, the remains being found by Kai, Yun, and Haberu who were tracking it by its footprints. It later encountered a minibus, which it overturned, causing the elderly passengers to run and take shelter within the woods. A JSDF patrol found the overturned vehicle, believing the culprit to have been a straggling Rodan. One soldier found the elderly couple in the forest, and ended up face to face with the armored Kaiju, firing upon it with his automatic rifle. The gunfire draws blood from Anguirus.


Yun encounters the injured Anguirus after tracking it down, drinking from a stream. While at first curious about Yun, a pair of hunters and Haberu arrive, startling the Kaiju. Seeing one of the hunters shouldering his rifle, Anguirus generates its precognitive field, deflecting the rifle shot before disappearing without a trace. Following this, a plan to catch Anguirus is implemented by Goro Otaki as well as his friendly rival, Gen in an evacuated golf course; Goro in an improved Jet Jaguar and Gen with a harpoon cannon mounted on his truck. The plan is to capture the Kaiju alive by leading it into a metal cage. However, the plan is foiled when Anguirus arrives, having grown from its initial eight meters to a towering 20 meters, too big for the cage. Gen attempts to engage the armored Kaiju only to have the harpoon deflected by its shield. Enraged by this, Anguirus attacks Gen and overturns his truck. However, just as it is about to eat the old man, Goro and Jet Jaguar intervene and prepare to engage the Kaiju.


Anguirus fights Jet Jaguar, managing to overpower it before curiously pawing at the downed robot. A squad of JSDF jeeps fires at the kaiju, but Anguirus responds by deflecting the machine gun fire back at the soldiers, destroying one of the jeeps. Recovering from the beatdown, Goro borrows the harpoon cannon from Gen's truck, before rushing Anguirus. He finds an opening in the Kaiju's precognitive shield, and Goro fires at point-blank range, embedding a harpoon into Anguirus's torso, downing it. However, while the local mayor posed in front of its body, Anguirus recovered and continued its rampage through a parking lot. After decapitating Jet Jaguar and knocking out Goro, Yun inserted Jung as the robot's AI who proceeded to battle to rampant Kaiju. Yun, acting as its eyes, rides on JJ's shoulders as the robot's vision had been disabled. Provoking the beast to charge, Yun fires another harpoon into Anguirus's nape, finally killing the kaiju. The resulting explosion launches Jet Jaguar and Yun, knocking them both out.

Goro manages to acquire one of Anguirus's back spines, intending to weaponize it against other kaiju. He intends to shoot it as an arrow before being convinced to use it as a spearhead instead.


Precognition Shield

Anguirus is able to briefly see into the future by vibrating its spikes which produces an energy field. The subsequent energy field also acts as a shield from attacks by seemingly absorbing kinetic energy.

Size Growth

Anguirus is able to grow in size, the means of which are unknown. Although it is possibly by consuming other monsters and other living things as it ate Rodan and presumably the JSDF soldier who encountered it.


Anguirus is incredibly strong, such as when it was seemingly able to flip over a large van with minimal effort, presumably with a swipe of its paw. This strength grows in line with its size.

Speed and agility

Anguirus is fast enough to catch up to speedy cars despite it bulky structure. Judging by its body, it has shown to be able to swing its tail though it has yet to be shown.


Anguirus is surprisingly stealthy such as when it was able to drag off a Rodan carcass without being seen or how it vanished without Yun, Haberu, Kai, or any of the hunters spotting it.


Anguirus' tail is incredibly powerful, causing Jet Jaguar to fall over in their first fight and completely knocking off it's head in the second.


  • The carapace hanging off his body is akin to that of the pre-publishing design of the first incarnation of Anguirus that was altered just before the final filming, and this was also planned for Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.[1]
  • This is the first incarnation of Anguirus to be a confirmed carnivore.



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