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Antarctica is the least populated and coldest continent on Earth. It is featured in some giant monster films, including The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms.


The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

The Rhedosaurus was trapped in the Antarctic ice for millions of years. It slept soundly until the atomic blast from the nuclear test "Operation Experiment" woke it and infused it with radiation. Later it killed a scout and terrified another. It then began moving up the coast towards the location where it lived out its past life. This brought it into contact with the humans of New York City. There it rampaged and was eventually killed.

Millennium Series

Godzilla Final Wars

In the 1960's the Gotengo engaged Godzilla in Antarctica. Godzilla shot down the ship with his atomic breath and prepared to destroy it once and for all. A crew member, Douglas Gordon, fired a barrage of missiles that created an opening in the ice shelf, causing Godzilla to fall into it. The Gotengo then blasted a nearby mountainside, causing Godzilla to be buried deep underneath tons of ice. Area G was established in Antarctica to contain Godzilla, and was where the King of the Monsters remained dormant for decades.

In 20XX, when the Xiliens launched their full-scale invasion of Earth, the remaining members of the Earth Defense Force, led by Gordon, brought the Gotengo to Antarctica to free Godzilla in a desperate attempt to defeat the Xiliens' army of monsters. When X learned about this plan, he sent Gigan to destroy the Gotengo. Gigan attacked the ship, but was unable to stop it from firing a missile and freeing Godzilla from the ice. Godzilla emerged and battled Gigan, blasting the cyborg's head off with his atomic breath. Believing his battle with the Gotengo was still going on, Godzilla followed the ship out of Antarctica and traveled around the world, defeating the Xiliens' mind-controlled monsters one by one.


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