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The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is a guided missile destroyer built by Bath Iron Works for the United States Navy. It is featured in the MonsterVerse films Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong.



Arleigh Burke class destroyers served as escorts for the carrier USS Saratoga as it tracked the male MUTO to Hawaii. Two of these ships were moved out of their positions by the tsunami caused by Godzilla as he made landfall at Honolulu to confront the MUTO. Later the Saratoga, along with another Arleigh Burke and an Independence class LCS followed Godzilla as he tracked the MUTO's mating calls to mainland United States. A large number of Arleigh Burkes and Ticonderoga class cruisers were present at San Francisco, guarding the entrance to the bay as the city was being evacuated. When Godzilla arrived, he did not plow through the ships, instead opting to stand out of the water to remove the ships that were above him, however the humans saw this as an aggressive action and began firing missiles and cannon shells at the Titan, eventually hitting Godzilla's gills and stunning the Titan, causing it to crash through the Golden Gate bridge.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

A number of these destroyers were present at Monarch base Castle Bravo along with other US Navy ships after Ghidorah awakened the other Titans. At least one destroyer was anchored in Boston harbor to assist with the evacuation. USS Brody, an Arleigh Burke class ship named after Ford Brody, was present at Washington D.C along with other US forces to engage Ghidorah and Rodan, but it is unknown if it survived the battle. Later at least four of these ships participated in the final battle at Boston.

Godzilla vs. Kong

At least one of these destroyers was part of a fleet of vessels assigned by the United States Navy assigned to escort a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier on its mission to deliver King Kong from Skull Island to Antarctica in order to reach Hollow Earth.

The powerful ordnance of these vessels was intended to protect Kong against a possible attack from Godzilla. Despite their power, Kong and his escorts only survived by playing dead, and most of the fleet was destroyed. Kong was then tethered to a set of planes and transported the remaining distance.


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