Assault! Human (突撃!ヒューマン!!,   Totsugeki! Hyūman!!?, lit. Assault! Human!!) is a Japanese tokusatsu show co-produced by Toho and Nippon TV that aired from October 7, 1972 to December 30, 1972.


King Flasher, a mysterious being, and his army of Flashers threaten the safety of the Earth, starting by targeting children. Meanwhile, Junichiro Iwaki, a once famous gymnastics coach resigns from his job to train the threatened children. In return, the children used a device known as a Human-Sign to transform Junichiro into a superhero named the Human. From then on, King Flasher began creating monsters to attack the children, but Junichiro was always there to stop them. Later on, Junichiro's brother Junjiro started becoming suspicious of his brother's frequent disappearances. This leads to Junjiro finding out about Junichiro's alter ego. At the same time, King Flasher was overthrown by another evil being called Grand Flasher who nearly killed Junichiro. But, the children spectators used a secondary type of Human-Sign to turn Junjiro into the second Human. Gradually, the Human brothers managed to destroy every last member of the Flasher Core including Grand Flasher himself, restoring peace to the world.


  1. ヒューマンて何だ (What's is Human)
  2. 怪獣シビレッタ3千匹! (Monster Shibiretta three thousand animals!)
  3. 血を吸う! 怪獣ドラゴンダ (Suck the blood! Monster Doragonda)
  4. 空飛ぶ怪獣ブランカー! (Flying monster blanker!)
  5. 殺せ!! 怪獣レッドロック (Kill!! Monster Red Rock)
  6. 怪人ゲジルの死!! (Death of Phantom Gejiru!!)
  7. 怪人メガヘルツ テレビ局を爆破!! (The blast Phantom megahertz TV station!!)
  8. 魔の少年フラッシャー!! (The magic of the boy flasher!!)
  9. キングフラッシャーの最期 (Last moment of King flasher)
  10. 英雄ヒューマンの最期!! (Last moment of the hero Human!!)
  11. 帰ってきたヒューマン! (Human came back!)
  12. ヒューマン兄弟大活躍! (Human brother big success!)
  13. さようならヒューマン (Goodbye Human)


Characters and Monsters

Weapons, Vehicles, and Races


  • Most of the kaiju suits that appeared in Assault! Human were reused for Go! Greenman.
  • All of this series' footage was unintentionally lost when Nippon TV overwrote the data on their master tapes in the early-to-mid 1980s. As a result, finding information about the series is exceedingly difficult.
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