The soundtrack for Atragon was released in 1996, with music by Akira Ifukube.


  1. The Toho Logo
  2. Appearance of Steam Man
  3. Main Title
  4. The Submarine Surfaces
  5. The Delivered Film
  6. The Warning of Mu
  7. Mu's Cry
  8. Special U.N. Conference Convened
  9. The Merchant Ship Goes Up In Flames
  10. Fear Spreads Around the World
  11. The Red Satan
  12. The Submarine Returns to Port
  13. Communication Ball
  14. The Gotengo Defense Forces
  15. Makoto's Theme I
  16. Test Manuvers of the Undersea Warship I
  17. Test Manuvers of the Undersea Warship II
  18. Test Manuvers of the Undersea Warship III
  19. Makoto's Theme II
  20. Unno's True Colors
  21. The Prayer of the Mu Empire
  22. Manda, The Guardian Dragon
  23. The Mu-ites at Mount Mihara
  24. Mu's Declaration
  25. The Undersea Warship Attacks I
  26. The Undersea Warship Attacks II
  27. Marunochi Sinks
  28. Tokyo Bay Goes Up In Flames
  29. Tokyo Bay and the Undersea Warship
  30. The Rescue
  31. The Undersea Warship vs. Manda
  32. The Volunteer Corps Swings Into Action
  33. Ending
  34. The Zero Cannon
  35. The Prayer of the Mu Empire (Separate Take)
  36. The Gotengo: Probing
  37. The Gotengo: Ascending
  38. The Gotengo: Flight
  39. The Gotengo: Underwater Claxton
  40. The Sound of the Zero Gun Firing
  41. Mu Submarine: The Sound of the Beam Firing
  42. "Undersea Battleship" Preview Trailer
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