Audrey Timmonds is the deuteragonist of the 1998 film, Godzilla, who later reappears in Godzilla: The Series in a smaller role.


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Audrey was a woman who always dreamed of being a reporter. When she is first seen in film attempting to ask her boss for a promotion to reporter from her job as an administrative assistant, to which he tries to ask her out on an extra-marital date. This causes her to storm out of the building. she later meets some friends and co-workers at a restaurant where they tell her that she must toughen up to become successful in New York. At that moment she sees her college sweetheart Niko Tatopoulos on TV regarding the large monster seen earlier. She eventually tracks Tatopoulos down and reconnects with him at his research station, where he tells her of his research.

When Tatopoulos discovers that Godzilla is soon going to lay eggs, and leaves to tell the military leaders about it, Audrey, deciding to take her friends' advice to "toughen up", takes some tapes and his research to her news station in a pre-recorded news story with herself as the reporter, but when it airs she is shocked to see that her boss had edited himself into her tape, giving himself credit for her story. She's also upset for getting Nick into trouble with the military for leaking the tape.

Later on, she and her friend Victor "Animal" Palotti discover Tatopoulos' plan to find Godzilla's nest and travel into the subway tunnels to follow him and some French secret servicemen into Madison Square Garden. Eventually, Tatopoulos and the French team leader Philippe Roaché discover Audrey and Animal, but at that time the juvenile Godzillas were running rampant in the stadium. Roaché gets all of them safely out of the stadium, only for the adult Godzilla to discover his dead offspring and begin to chase the taxi cab that the four got into. Godzilla chases them onto the Brooklyn Bridge where he is ensnared in cables and defeated by fighter jets.

Godzilla: The Series

Audrey, despite having been reduced to a supporting character, is slightly nicer.


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