Barakidon (バラキドン,   Barakidon?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 12th episode of Zone Fighter, The Terror-Beast Base: Invade the Earth!.


Barakidon resembles a massive bird with a hunched back. His eyes are an emerald green, and various eyespots can also be found on his body which have the same color. Mats of brown feathers sit on either side of his neck, and he has massive clawed hands at the ends of his wings. Finally, his skin varies in color from purple to a deep blue, and he has a red comb on top of his neck, similar to the combs found on chickens.


Zone Fighter

The Terror-Beast Base: Invade the Earth!

Barakidon was deployed by the Garogas after he had received enough Geothermal Energy to grow. However, as he rose up to fight, he destroyed the Garoga Base. With a new source of heat, Moonlight, to spur him on, Barakidon seemed to be unstoppable against Zone Fighter, with the latter being beaten badly. However, Zone Angel and Zone Junior were flying in Smokey, and used the spacecraft to block the moon's rays. With his source of heat cut off, Barakidon began to weaken in the cold, allowing Zone Fighter to defeat the avian creature.


Barakidon can fire a mist from its mouth. This mist causes opponents to grow weaker.

By flapping his wings, Barakidon can generate hurricane-force winds.

Barakidon can create a red light that will drain Zone Fighter's energy and counteract his ability to absorb the suns rays for energy named Red Light Drain


Barakidon derives heat from various sources, most importantly being the light of the Moon. If the Moon is obscured, he will soon begin to weaken due to a lack of heat.


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