Batman (バットマン?, Battoman) is a humanoid bat kaiju that first appeared in episode 20 of Go! Godman.


Batman appears to resemble a large bat with a humanoid shape. He has short, shaggy brown fur and large wings with hands on their tips.


Go! Godman

Batman was the twenty-sixth monster to battle Godman. He was first seen by two children who were attacked by the monster and ultimately called for Godman to protect them. Batman first decided to run from Godman, but was caught up to and the two battled. It was not long before Batman changed into giant form in a city. Here he showed off his final ability which was to summon invisible explosives. Godman had trouble avoiding the explosives, but was quick to learn Batman's pattern of fire. Batman proved to be a tough foe to defeat as he deflected two God Circles and nearly choked Godman to death. Luckily, the God Crush was able to weaken Batman, and he was finished off with the Godman Super Sonic Wave.


Aside from Batman's ability to fly and slash using his wings, Batman can summon invisible explosives which deal heavy damage upon contact with an opponent and possesses super strength.


  • Batman's roars are higher pitch Muruchi roars that have been sped up.


  • The suit used for Batman was reused from one of the Bat People suits from Latitude Zero.
  • Batman shares the same name as a well known fictional superhero created by DC Comics.

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