The Battra (バトラ,   Batora?) of the AniGoji continuity, was a giant moth-like kaiju created by Toho. It appeared in the novel, Godzilla: Project Mechagodzilla.


Godzilla: Project Mechagodzilla

Battra and Mothra were known to the Houtua and had been worshipped by the tribe since ancient times.

Battra was originally awakened to destroy the incoming Gorath, and was witnessed cruising through the Amazon river, giving witnesses a view of the gigantic serpent or dragon-like caterpillar.

Battra and Godzilla, both after a vast energy source powerful enough to counter Gorath, were seemingly attracted to each other. Later, somewhere in southern ocean, the two finally met and tried to devour each other. Godzilla won the battle but was severely wounded, and a large fraction of its dorsal plates later washed ashore. Examining the broken fins, it was the first time that humanity had seen evidence of Godzilla being wounded.

Godzilla then ended up destroying the incoming threat with a super powered variant of his particle breath.



Even though Battra was only a larva when it faced Godzilla, it was able to severely wound Godzilla.

Strength with Mothra

Battra and Mothra are a pair, and are said to be powerful enough to defeat Godzilla if they fought together.

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