The Beast of God (神の獣,   Kami no Kemono?) or The Devine Beast is a daikaiju manga by Tomoe Keisuke.


東京湾を震源とする巨大地震とともに、巨大怪獣オーガが出現! それは驕れる人類へ向けて地球が放った滅びの使者だった――。都市を蹂躙し、破壊の限りをつくす神出鬼没の怪獣。人々を恐怖の淵から救うべく、自衛隊、政治家、科学者たちが立ち上がる。人類と地球との、生存を懸けた壮烈な闘いが、今始まる!

Along with a massive earthquake of which Tokyo Bay Is the epicenter, “Ogre (オーガ,   Ōga?) ”, a daikaiju and a messenger of destruction and fall from the Earth against arrogant humanity appeared. Facing dire devastations on cities by the elusive monster, Self‐Defense Forces, politicians, and scientists stand up to save people from this terror. Humanity vs Earth, a brave and sublime battle for survival now begins!



  • Ogre
  • Manhattan Island monster


Similarities between Shin Godzilla

In Japan, similarities in terms of plots and characteristics of respective kaijus between “Kami no Kemono” and “Shin Godzilla”(also Heisei Gamera series, Space Runaway Ideon, and Neon Genesis Evangelion which either Annno or Higuchi, or both took part in)have been pointed out since the release of the latter and the controversy escalated late in July, 2017 while opponents claim that these points are nothing more than violent distortions. Not a single resource or official documents of “Shin Godzilla” never refer to “Kami no Kemono”. Regarding this, Tomoe was approached about the issue and replied not denying the point on his Facebook, commenting ” I cannot say anything about it because their (Shin Godzilla and Heisei Gamera) brand strengths are overwhelming”.

  • The first sequence of kaiju emerging from Tokyo Bay, showing only fins or tails on water surface, and erupted sticky, intensely heated liquids, and the overview was compared as a formation of a new volcano
  • Kaiju has ranged beam-like attacks shooting both from mouth and back
  • Kaiju is the most evolved being on the planet, and alters physical to adapt to enemies Kaiju has been called “perfect organism” or “God” regarding biology (Ogre was additionally regarded as “the Earth itself”, “small Sun”, “gigantic hydrogen bomb”)
  • Kaiju was called “perfect organism” due to the nature to have strong points of multiple highly evolved species in terms of respective fields (e.g. Ogre has points including of human and large theropod dinosaurs)
  • The first but minor damage on kaiju was done by strategic bombers (flying wings) using fictitious new weaponries by US Military Forces (Laser Maser in “Kami no Kemono”, MOP II in “Shin Godzilla”) aiming body parts with thinner skin structures, then all the bombers were brought down by rampaged kaiju demonstrating new ability to shoot beam attacks from back (Ogre then emits powerful magnetic force), and this caused kaiju to stand still to rest/cease actions temporary to recover and to save internal energy, and kaiju altered one’s physical constitutions against this battle (Ogre turns the body into a gigantic hydrogen bomb)
  • Final decision is forced either to use a nuclear weapon or to enforce a special operation
  • Housetop of a building is the command operation center of the special operation
  • Similar sequence for public to take refuge into a subway station underground
  • After the apparent defeat of kaiju, a new threat will appear (in “Kami no Kemono”, the Manhattan Island itself turns into a gigantic monster to vanish humanity)



  • Ogre is the first kaiju to destroy Tokyo Station followed by Shin Godzilla
  • Interestingly, the objective of existences kaiju(s) is a messenger from the Earth to counter to mankind is the same in the upcoming movie “Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters”.
  • A kindle version of Kami no Kemono was published in 2016 (after the release of “Shin Godzilla”) for 756 Yen.

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