Bionic Arms Race is the eighth episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with Danny Kwan and Francisca observing King Kong while he trains with a hologram projector. On a news program, a missile is shot down by a Bionobot Pterodactyl, and the team suspects that Richard Remy was behind the whole thing. They then decide to hack Botila in order to find out if it really was Richard who launched it. Elsewhere, Richard pitched his Bionobots to the United States Military, who showed great interest in them, along with the rest of the world. Doug Jones repeatedly attempted to hack into Botila, but she continued to block him. Upon seeing more newscasts, the Lucas Remy and Doug Jones begin to suspect that Richard is not just interested in the financial aspects of selling Bionobots to the world's militaries. It is then revealed that Richard's Bionobots are quickly replacing police in many major cities. They then realize that Richard plans to take control of the Bionobots once the time is right, to instate his own new world order. Kong and the team then travel to a military base, where Kong defeats the horde of Bionobots inside, allowing them to escape with one of them in tow. They then decide to deactivate the Bionobots all around the world by eliminating their main server. Doug and Kong then travel to Alcatraz to challenge Botila, and she accepts, along with a fleet of Pterodactyls. Richard and Botila then release every Bionobot left on the island in order to defeat Kong. After destroying her Pterodactyl mount, Kong catches Botila, and holds her atop the tower on Alcatraz. After threatening to drop and/or crush her, the team gets the command code to shut down the Bionobots from Botila.




Weapons, Vehicles, and Races

  • Bionobots

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