Blood-thirst! Homicidal Sound Waves (殺気! 殺人音波,   Sakki! Satsujin Onpa?) is the sixth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


the episode opens with a bat-like Mutian forcing a cargo truck off a road. The Mutian, revealed to be named Gilpulse, tells Megumi Shion that he has finished, and she tells him that his next assignment is to assassinate Guyferd. At the apartment of Gou Kazama, he ans professor Takeo Shiroishi watch the news footage of the cargo truck accident, and see Gilpulse in the background. they decide to find him, but they need to see the news footage again. They head to the studio, and find the tape room, where Detective Yuji Nakano is waiting for them. They had arranged to meet there, but the detective seems to know why they are there, and in the interest of keeping his operation a secret, Gou and company leave. As they are driving away, they are attacked by Gilpulse. Gou gets out of the car and begins to fight him, but Detective Nakano comes to his aid, scaring off Gilpulse with his sirens. Gou and Nakano watch the Bat-mutian fly away, and the show cuts to Nakano getting weapons from the police armory to combat Gilpulse. Meanwhile, Mr. Bicross is scolding Shion for failing to eliminate Guyferd again. She then tells Gilpulse to turn Shiroishi, Yuu Kujou, and Rei Kujou violent with his special ability, so that they will defeat Guyferd. Doctor Shiroishi however, has developed some noise-cancelling headphones so that the group may fight without distraction from Gilpulse's frequency. Detective Nakano arrives at their door, wanting to learn about Mutians, information that the protagonists are hesitant to give out. The detective receives a phone call telling him to investigate another monster sighting. The group is unsure what to think of him, but Gou lets him join them. En Route to the sighting, they are attacked by a group of Fangs. They fight them off, but Gilpulse's Blood-Thirst technique disables them all. Gou, Yuu, Rei, and Takeo are unaffected by it because of their earmuffs, but Detective Nakano is affected and begins to shoot at them. Gou knocks him out, but Gilpulse appears behind him, ready to attack. Gou is knocked down, leaving Rei and Yuu to fight off the Mutian, but they are quickly defeated, giving Gou the opportunity to Transform. Gilpulse tries to fly away, but Gou weighs him down, giving Yuji Nakano time to shoot the bat's wings off. Guyferd defeats Gilpulse, and afterwords Shiroishi tells Nakano about Crown and the Mutians. The dectevie promises to review all Crown-related cases, and is made a part of the team.



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