Pfffft, heck no. If you take a look out into other series besides Godzilla, like Super Sentai, B-Fighter Kabuto, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Fireman, all these other series? Godzilla's just a blip on the Kaiju radar. In ZyuRanger, what we got as Power Rangers, mind you, the Megazord/Guardian Beast God Daijyujin and Dragonzord/Dragon Caesar fight Satan himself. Twice. Then in the Ultraman series, mainly in UltraGalaxy, Gomora, a pretty average kaiju back in 1966, could probably solo the cast of GFW by himself now, with how fast, agile, and strong he is. He even does front flips to bring his megaton tail down on monsters craniums. And this is just his normal form. If he goes Reonix or EX, any kaiju fighting him is screwed. The only thing to stop an EX beat down was Beryudora, who was made up of over 200 kaiju combined. 

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