The Boeing 747 is a large and iconic airliner which was first produced in 1969, with several variants having been produced to the present day. These airliners appear in many different forms of media produced by Toho, mostly due to their popularity among many airlines over the latter half of the last century. Numerous variants of the airliner have appeared over the course of its filmography; no one variant appears in all of the films it is featured in.


Showa Series

Zone Fighter

In one episode, a 747-100 owned by American Airlines is threatened by the Garogas and their chosen Terror-Beast, forcing Zone Fighter to defend it.

Heisei Series

Godzilla vs. Mothra

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Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

A Qantas 747 takes off from Kai Tak Airport in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

When Godzilla appears in Hong Kong suffering from a severe meltdown, he attacks Kai Tak Airport. A Cathay Pacific 747-400 in the process of taking off has to take evasive manoeuvres to avoid hitting Godzilla. Multiple 747s appear in the climactic battle at Haneda Airport, owned by either Inter Air Lines, Japan Airlines, ANA or numerous other companies.

Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

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An All Nippon Airways 747 taxis toward the runway of Haneda Airport while Destoroyah drags Godzilla.

  • During the battle at Haneda Airport, there is an infamous scene in which, due to Toho's camera techniques of blending in footage from the set with footage of the actual location being featured, a 747 belonging to ANA can be seen taxiing towards the runway whilst Destoroyah flies past, pulling dirt and bits of the runway as a result of Godzilla being dragged along the ground by Destoroyah's tail.

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