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Botilazilla is the seventh episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with a protest against the police commissioner for being unable to capture King Kong. The Commissioner went to Richard Remy for help in locating Kong, and Botila suggests that, since Kong has camouflage technology, then their base must be hidden as well. Richard tries to aid the police by sending Bionobots with them, but her is turned down because their failures put his position in jeopardy. Richard then began to plot hid revenge. Kong and Danny Kwan saw the police drawing nearer to their hideout, and told the others. They were able to hide, and the police gave up their search. Richard then explained to Botila his plan, which was to move her AI consciousness into a Tyrannosaurus Bionobot in order to have its strength and her fighting abilities. She rejected the proposition, but Richard then removed her chip by force and transferred it. When she awoke, she tried to attack Richard, but was met with an electric shock. She proceeded though the forest, destroying trees as she went, and soon came across Kong. The two fought evenly matched, while Lucas and Doug Jones visited the Remys' old house, where Doug found Botila's deactivated body, and Lucas urged Richard to stop pursuing Kong and do the right thing. Botila grew increasingly frustrated with her stubby arms, and was defeated because of them. Doug discovered malware in Botila's body while Richard revealed to Lucas that he had added a force-field into his bionic arm to make himself superior to humans. Lucas then pulled a gun on his brother, who was soon crushed by Botila's Tyrannosaurus head. Jonesie removed the malware from Botila, and her consciousness was transferred back into her proper body. She rescued Richard with much distaste, and the two parties parted ways. The episode ends with RIchard planning to inlay Bionotech into his brain.




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