Bulgasari is a 1962 South Korean monster film. The existence of the film is debated by some, as the poster may or not be a hoax. As with most South Korean monster films, there were few international releases, so there is no concrete way to tell if this is a real film. However, given that is recognized by the Korean Film Archive, it is more likely simply one of the many Korean films that were lost as a tragic side effect of war.


According to the Korean Film Archive, it has said that the movie took place during the era of the Goryeo Dynasty, and it was about a martial artist who was murdered and reborn as the titular iron-eating monster, known as Bulgasari. He then sets off to get revenge on those responsible for his death.


The only known piece of media related to the film is the poster, as it seems to have gone missing shortly after it was released.


  • The plot is very similar to a 1985 North Korean film with the similar title of Pulgasari, which also features a metal-eating monster and takes place in the same time period. Because of this, the 1985 film is generally assumed to be a remake of this film.
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