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Camazotz, also dubbed Titanus Camazotz, is a giant bat-like daikaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic, Kingdom Kong.


"Camazotz", literally meaning "death bat", was a Mayan bat god associated with night, death, and sacrifice. This name was likely chosen due to Camazotz's strong resemblance to a bat and due to his god-like status as a Titan capable of challenging Kong. It is also possible that Camazotz himself is the Mayan bat god.



Camazotz is a massive gray-colored bat-like creature with demonic horns and facial features, as well as large tattered wings covered in long, sharp spikes. His entire body is covered in angular, plate-like armor. His left horn appears to be broken, possibly from a previous conflict. He also has what appears to be a mane of black-colored fur covering the entirety of his back and parts of his neck. His jaws are filled with dozens of jagged, dagger-like teeth. Camazotz's tail is long and prehensile, and is covered in spikes. His eyes are white and faded due to a millennia of living in darkness. His blood is dark black and oil-like.


The roars of Camazotz are written as "skreeeee".


A cult following the creature began amongst the Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the figure was later adopted into the pantheon of the Maya Quiche tribe. The legends of the bat god were later recorded in Maya literature. The cult believed bats represented night, death, and sacrifice, likely due to the fact that bats would inhabit the caves around the sacred cenotes, which the Mesoamericans believed were portals to the underworld.

Carved in stone by the fearful hands of ancient Mayans as a warning for the future to discover, the myth of the dark Titan Camazotz is a nightmarish reality that has cursed the skies of humanity since the dawn of time. Blinded from dwelling for millenia in the deepest and darkest caverns of the Hollow Earth, Camazotz is guided by echolocation and a ravenous thirst for atomic-rich Titan blood. Its sonic screech can shatter entire buildings and disrupt the senses of opposing Titans in combat. With its ancient name translating to "Death Bat", Camazotz flies on torn leather wings jutting with razor blades of jagged bone, controlling a massive hell swarm of infernal creatures like a plague of ravenous locusts hungry to devour the sun and enshroud the Earth in permanent midnight.

— Cryptid Profile

Camazotz and his species evolved within the Hollow Earth, inhabiting a particularly dark portion of the subterranean ecosystem. At some point, Camazotz encountered the ancient Mayan civilization and was worshipped by them for a time. The Mayans prophesied that Camazotz would one day emerge from the Hollow Earth and wreak havoc once again, blotting out the sun and plunging the world into eternal darkness.


Kingdom Kong

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In 2019, Camazotz was among the Titans awoken by Ghidorah and ordered to attack humanity. Camazotz emerged from an unknown location before heading to San Diego and attacked the city with a massive flock of bat-like creatures. Monarch fighter pilot Audrey Burns and her squadron are sent to intercept the Titan and his horde, but are annihilated after Audrey suffers a panic attack, unable to give her squadron orders or help them fight off Camazotz. When the ORCA calls all Titans to Boston, Camazotz does not arrive in time for the battle and does not see Godzilla become the new alpha of all Titans (except Kong). Camazotz eventually retreats back into the Hollow Earth.

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When fragments of Ghidorah's storm lock over Skull Island in 2021, Camazotz emerges from the Hollow Earth vortex with his horde, seeking to conquer the island. The hellish Titan is met by Kong, and the two proceed to battle. As Camazotz battles Kong, his horde engages the Monarch fighter pilots sent to stop them. While battling, Camazotz delivers several decisive blows on Kong, including lifting him in the air and dropping him several times. After subduing the ape, Camazotz prepares to feed on his blood but is distracted by the Monarch fighter jets. Audrey, finally having made peace with her fear of the Titan, flies her jet directly past the creature's face, disorienting him. Taking advantage, Kong puts Camazotz in a chokehold and proceeds to brutally pummel him. On the brink of death, Camazotz is dragged by the horns by Kong back over to the hole he emerged from. With a devastating punch, Kong breaks the bat-like Titan's jaw, knocking out several teeth before throwing him back down into the Hollow Earth.



Being nearly blind, Camazotz has developed powerful echolocation to help him navigate his surroundings and locate other Titans.


Camazotz's wings allow him to fly, granting him incredible speed and maneuverability while in flight. He is able to destroy entire squadrons of fighter jets, and his aerial abilities gave him a combat advantage over Kong.

Prehensile tail

Camazotz's long spiked tail is prehensile, able to wrap around and even lift Titan opponents into the air.

Sonic screech

Camazotz can emit a sonic screech powerful enough to shatter buildings and disorient the senses of other Titans, like Kong.

Strength and combat

Camazotz's primary weapons are his teeth, claws, and wings. He is notably strong enough to lift Kong up before dropping him hundreds of feet from the air. Camazotz repeats this process several times, showing no signs of exhaustion. When grappling with Kong, Camazotz utilizes his claws and teeth to deadly affect.

Swarm control

Camazotz leads a legion of smaller (by comparison) bat-like creatures that act as his eyes and ears as well as extensions of his being. Whether this is a symbiotic relationship or not is unknown.



As a Titan that evolved to live in total darkness, Camazotz has a distaste for sunlight. Living in perpetual darkness has also rendered Camazotz nearly completely blind.



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