Cash of the Titans (ゴジラを救え,   Gojira o sukue?, lit. Save Godzilla) is the twenty-third episode of Godzilla: The Series, and is the second episode of season 2.


The episode begins with H.E.A.T. headquarters being attacked by the Giant Water Beetle. They try to signal Godzilla to defend them, but he does not respond. Godzilla is shown to be being taken away, unconscious, in a net. Audrey Timmonds and her news team record the attack until the Beetle runs away at the sound of a fog horn. When they get their equipment running again, they see that Godzilla was sedated and kidnapped by four men, one of which Audrey identifies as the bodyguard of Maximilian Spiel, a promoter of fighting matches. They then board the H.E.A.T. Seeker and travel to Spiel's private island, where Randy Hernandez hacks a satellite in order to get a closer look. They discover a domed structure which they believe is where Godzilla is being held, and they take some stealth vehicles to the shore. On the island, Godzilla awakens to find that he is not in his burrow. He fires an atomic ray, but the enclosure he is in is unharmed by it. He then tries to burrow out, but the metal beneath the dirt floor electrocutes him when he touches it. Spiel, who was watching, claims that Godzilla will put on a good show. Niko Tatopoulos and Elsie Chapman sneak into the facility with borrowed uniforms from a delivery truck to find a restaurant built around a monster fighting pit. Shortly after Nick and Elsie enter the restaurant floor, the match between Godzilla and Rhinosaurus begins, and they are captured and sent into the ring to provide more drama. Meanwhile, Randy and Monique Dupre encounter the Giant Water Beetle as they wander the lower levels of the ring. They try to fight it, and before it can do them any harm they are all flushed into the ring so that the Beetle can fight Godzilla, who soon defeats Rhinosaurus and then throws the beetle into the control tower where it pins down Maximilian Spiel. He then escapes into open water, and H.E.A.T. and the news crew return safely.


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  • Despite making its formal debut in the episode The Twister, which aired almost five months after this one, the Shrewster makes an appearance in this episode as one of the monsters in Maximilian Spiel's monster arena.
  • Clancy Brown known for voicing Lex Luthor from Superman: The Animated Series voices Maximillian Spiel.
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