Claire Plangman is a protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2012 comic series Godzilla: Ongoing.


Godzilla: Ongoing

Claire Plangman is Boxer's ex and Part of his Monster Kill Crew.She and some of her colleagues were Garrisoned in Yongsan Garrison in Seoul South Korea when Battra attacked and slaughtered the people in the base.Leaving her as the only survivor.Boxer recruited her for her expertise in inventing Tech to fight the giant monsters.Her greatest invention was the Headache Beam which was used by the Monster Kill Crew to lead giant monsters into a trap.Though the Headache Beam is only effective against some giant monsters like Anguirus,Rodan,Kumonga and etc.It was ineffective against the likes of Titanosaurus and Godzilla.Later on, she invented the upgraded version of her Headache Beam which she calls the Skullsplitter.The Skullsplitter was used against one of Keizer Ghidorah's head.It was effective for a while.Until Keizer Ghidorah returned the effects of the Skullsplitter back at the Monster Kill Crew.Claire was also the first to receive a vision via Mothra's lightning attack showing her the invasion of the Space Monsters,She's also one of the remaining members of the Monster Kill Crew that includes Boxer's son Harrison and the Monster Kill Crew's newest member Hikari Asuka.

Giant Monsters are the Disease: Meet the Cure...

Clair designs a weapon to destroy kaiju, shich she names the "Skullsplitter".

This Time It's Personal

After being nearly killed by Anguirus in Edinburgh, Scotland,the "Skullsplitter" device wass destroyed when Anguirus ran into the group's van. Claire was able to repair it, and Boxer fired the weapon at the monster and kept it in the beam long enough for Urv to set off plastic explosives in the sewers, and forcing Anguirus into a dormant volcano beneath the city. They then become known as the Monster Kill Crew. They then defeated Kumonga and Claire was able to take her revenge on Battra with her new lighter Skuullsplitter guns. Boxer then suggested that they go after Godzilla, which Claire criticized him for, believing that he just wanted more money for killing a bigger monster. They then received word that Titanosaurus was attacking Tokyo, a city much closer to them than Godzilla, and headed toward it only to be attacked by Rodan on the way there.


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