Computer Police Cybercops (電脳警察サイバーコップ,   Dennō Keisatsu Saibākoppu?) is a Japanese tokusatsu kaiju show produced by Toho that aired from October 2, 1988 to July 5, 1989.




  1. The Strongest Cop! Jupiter is Born
  2. The City Vanishes! Help the Marine City
  3. Invest! The Cyborg Tank
  4. Traffic Panic! The Computer's Trap
  5. The Prince of Danger! The Escape from the Dark Zone
  6. The Targeted Oda! ZAC's Great Pinch
  7. The Assassin Jet!! Tokyo's Urban Strike
  8. The Dangerous Electric Usine! Tokyo's Dark Crisis
  9. The Racing Machine!! Blade Liner Appears
  10. The Ghost Hotel!? Zombies Everywhere
  11. The Tank in the Sky!! The Highway's Death Match
  12. Dragon Dance! The Strange Christmas
  13. The Satellite Falls! Jupiter is a Martyr!?
  14. Takeda's Secret!! Behold the Future's Illusion
  15. Change the Future!! Jupiter the Warrior of Hope
  16. The Messenger from Hell!? Lucifer is Born
  17. Lucifer's Revenge!! The Devil's Challenge
  18. Boming is Impossible!! The Giant UFO Appears
  19. Uesugi's Revolt!! The Watch Out Policewoman
  20. The Rising Lethal Weapon!! Gigamax's Might
  21. The 5th Cop!? The Ultimate Cyber Lucifer
  22. The Fake Cybers!! ZAC's Absolute Decease
  23. The Final Deadly Technique!! Cybernic Wave
  24. The Firing Missile!! Death Trap Base Attack
  25. The Female Warrior of Terror! Luna is Born
  26. Fight the Invisible Fortress!!
  27. The Damaged Cyber Bit!!
  28. The City Air Explosion! The Balloon Bomb
  29. Uesugi's Assassination! The Hurry Up Cop
  30. Run Through the Devil's Mount
  31. The Broken Thunder Arm
  32. The Frightened Loft!!
  33. Protect the Linear Car!
  34. The End of Death Trap!!
  35. Request Top 10 Special Part 1
  36. Request Top 10 Special Part 2


Characters and Monsters

  • Shinya Takeda
  • Akira Hōjō
  • Ryōichi Mōri
  • Osamu Saionji
  • Lucifer
  • Tomoko Uesugi
  • Captain Hisagi Oda
  • Shimazu Mizue
  • Miho Asakura
  • Daisuke Yazawa
  • Reiko Ando
  • Maki Ichijoji
  • Akemi
  • Michiko
  • Phylo
  • Führer
  • Baron Kageyama
  • Madam Durwin
  • Professor Einstein
  • Doctor Arthur Ploid
  • Beast Master Luna
  • Hawk
  • Turtle
  • Salamander
  • Tiger

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