The Cross-Dressing Kaijin (女装怪人,   Josō kaijin?) is a Minion of Maoh kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in episode 45 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju show, Go! Greenman titled Greenman vs. Cross-Dressing Kaijin.


The Cross-Dressing Kaijin looks like a regular Minion of Maoh, but it wears a red and white garment similar to a poncho,[1] as well as a veil of the same colors over its head.


Go! Greenman


The Cross-Dressing Kaijin in Go! Greenman

The Cross-Dressing Kaijin was the fourty-sixth monster to battle Greenman. It was mutated from a normal Minion of Maoh by Tonchiki and sent to get the blood of children for Maoh. In the children's distress, they called for Greenman with the Green Calls. But, the Cross-Dressing Kaijin was able to outnumber the hero by taking control of two of the children's minds. After beating Greenman to the ground with his minions, the Cross-Dressing Kaijin created 10 handheld explosives for the children to throw at him. Luckily, Greenman dodged most of the explosions, and was able to destroy the Cross-Dressing Kaijin.


Mind Control

The Cross-Dressing Kaijin is able to take control of children's minds, and make them obey its every command. When controlled by the Cross-Dressing Kaijin, the child gains red and blue marks around their eyes.


The Cross-Dressing Kaijin has two pink orbs which create 10 handheld explosives at a time. These devices explode when they come in contact with their target.


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