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Crown's Ambition! (クラウンの野望!,   Kuraun no Yabō!?) is the ninth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode begins with the protagonists trying to coax Gou Kazama out of the bout of depression he feels from losing his brother Masato. Yuu Kujou and Takeo Shiroishi leave for groceries, and Gou "vents" his emotions to Rei Kujou. Gou reveals that he is again questioning his humanity, and is again reassured that he has a good heart, and that makes him human. When the Kujous go home, Doctor Shiroishi tries to get Gou to think about his future. The show cuts to Detective Yuji Nakano heading to another police officer's location who had requested backup. When he gets there, he is met with a partial Mutian. He tries to shoot it, but he does not have enough firepower on hand. It nearly kills Yuji, but the monster disintegrates before it can. Meanwhile Gou, thinking he can leave his Guyferd identity behind, prepares to leave the city and resume his wandering. Detective Nakano is greatly upset that no-one believes him about the Mutian. Takeo explains that Gou has left to Rei and Yuu, and detective Nakano comes to tell them of his monster sighting. The protagonists try not to tell Yuji of Gou's leaving, and they go to investigate the sighting. They begin to search for Fallah traces, and the show cuts back to Gou. Gou thinks he sees Megumi Shion, and begins to follow the woman across the city. in an elevator, Shion reveals to Gou that she is now a cyborg. She leads Gou down a secret passage hat leads him to Crown's new head Metal Master. Metal Master tricks Gou into transforming, and Zodiac sends a soldier (Dragos) out to fight him. Guyferd however, has lost control over his ki, and Zodiac tries to get him to join Crown. Zodiac reveals his plan to Gou: Zodiac wants to eliminate humans so that earth will not be destroyed by them. It is revealed by Zodiac that Dragos is a Metalferd: a Guyborg infected with Fallah, and so their powers are equal. Dragos nearly defeats Guyferd, and Zodiac allows Gou to leave to think about his offer. Gou returns home, only to discover Shiroishi's note, and decides that he is in danger. Shiroishi and Nakano discover Fallah traces from a sewer grate, but they are apprehended by a group of Fangs.



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