The DAG-MB96 (96式冷凍レーザータンク,   96-Shiki reitō rēzātanku?, lit. 96 Formula Refrigeration Laser Tank) is an upgraded version of the standard Maser Cannon that first appears in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. They are equipped with freezer variants of the Maser weapon that are used to lower the temperature of their targets, along with freezer missiles.


Heisei Series

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

A new version of the Maser Cannons which had so aided the JSDF during the 1990s, the DAG-MB96 was deployed once it became apparent that Godzilla was slowly turning into a unstable nuclear force. Several were rolled out alongside a fleet of AH-64 Apaches and Type 90 Tanks to deal with the army of Juvenile Destoroyahs. At first, they made light work of the pitiful Precambrians, but when they Aggregated into a larger form, the military units were no match for the might of Destoroyah.

Later, in the final throes of Godzilla's battle in Tokyo against the final form of Destoroyah, The DAG-MB96s were deployed in a pincer movement alongside units of MBT-92s, MBAW-93s and the Super X3. Trundling through the decimated streets, the ground units armed their weapons upon Destoroyah, and fired their icy rage upon the Precambrian menace, while the Super X3 blasted out Destoroyah's wings. Destoroyah fell from the sky, exploded, and was then no more.

Yet, the Battle was not yet won. Godzilla literally begun to melt as his energy became uncontrollable. Firing their weapons on the Kaiju King, it seemed that they had resisted his meltdown. Alas, this was only temporary, and Godzilla showered radiation over the city. Fortunately, Godzilla imparted his energy unto his son, and in his fleeting moments had saved all of Japan. The DAG-MB96s, along with the rest of military, had played a vital part in this victory.




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