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Daiei Kaiju is a toy line produced by Bandai. It started in 1999 and featured figures to tie in with the film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. It also featured a figure of Toto to tie in with the 2006 film Gamera: The Brave.


Gamera 3 Figures

Three six-inch figures were made for the film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris: Gamera 1999, Hyper Gyaos, and Iris. The Gamera figure was subsequently re-released as part of Bandai's Movie Monster line in 2001, and was re-released in the Daiei Kaiju line in 2006 along with the Hyper Gyaos.

2006 Figures

In 2006, to tie in with the film Gamera: The Brave, Bandai continued the Daiei Kaiju line with a six-inch figure of Toto, as well as re-releases of the Gamera 1965, Gamera 1999 and Hyper Gyaos figures, each featuring new paint jobs. The tags have green borders on both sides, and the back shows a silhouette of Gamera in a fiery background.

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