Danbaraki (ダンバラキ,   Danbaraki?) is an aquatic kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 11 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human titled Human Came Back!.


Danbaraki appears to be an undead, fish-like humanoid. The right side of his body is covered in living tissue, and has scaly greenish-blue skin, scales and a fish-like eye, whereas his left side is skeletonized and his left eye is missing. Danbaraki has a mouth full of sharp teeth and a crest-fin which runs along the middle of his head. He also has a similar fin on his left arm.


Assault! Human

Human Came Back!

Danbaraki was deployed with a group of Flashers, but was ultimately defeated by the Human duo of Junichiro and Junjiro Iwaki

Go! Greenman

Greenman vs. Danbaraki

Danbaraki was the twelfth monster to battle Greenman.


  • In Go! Greenman, Danbaraki was extremely tough and could withstand practically any attack.
  • In Go! Greenman, Danbaraki could also fire a beam of electricity.

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