The Deep-Dweller is a giant Fish kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that first appeared in the Godzilla: The Series episode Tourist Trap.


The Deep-Dweller looks mostly similar to a frogfish of colossal dimensions, it has a large mouth full of fangs that are its main weapon, protrusions protrude from its head, a row of thorns runs down its back and it has 2 small arms with 3 claws on each.


The Deep Dweller was an, as the title implies, deep-sea-dwelling that was forced to the surface, where it became disoriented by the light and began to attack passing ships. It soon attracts the attention of H.E.A.T., who began to investigate the remains of the windfall cruiser that had been attacked by the creature, but accidentally disturbed the gigantic fish, NIGEL turned on his lights, mowing him and enraging him enormously, the Deep-Dweller surfaced and attacked the HEAT Seeker, but Godzilla appeared and fought with the creature underwater, after the fight the Deep-Dweller disappeared, HEAT formulated a plan to lure him out of the Hudson Chanyon using bait and sedating him, however Godzilla appeared to confront him and received the shot, being sedated and unable to fight the Deep-Dweller, despite being weakened Godzilla was able to hold off the Deep-Dweller long enough for HEAT to attract his attention with lights with the intention of taking him home, but they become caught on it and are dragged into pressures that their submarine cannot handle. Godzilla then burrows out of the shelf and breaks them free before again confronting the Deep-Dweller. He then allows the Fish to swim away into the open ocean.


  • Bite: The Deep-Dweller boasts a 40-foot wide jaw, and a powerful bite to match.
  • Fast swimming: The Deep-Dweller is an excellent swimmer.


  • Lights: The Deep-Dweller grew up in the depths of the ocean, so the light confuses and angers him.


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