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Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!
Attack! Destro-King

Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile! (恐獣ミサイル爆破せよ!,   Kyōjū Misairu Bakuhase-yo!?) is the first episode of Zone Fighter.


Crashing to Earth, several Garoga beings crawled from out of the wreckage and made their way towards the city.

The next day, while shopping, Hotaru happened to spot one of the vile creatures in disguise. Fortunately for the Zone Family and Earth, the Garoga minions had no idea of the three children's unique gifts. Uttering the words “Zone Fight Powers!”, Hikaru, Hotaru, and Akira transform into Zone Fighter, Zone Angel and Zone Junior. So, the three spies transform.

With frozen grins of pure malice, the inhuman creatures battled with the warriors of light. Realizing defeat was at hand the demons combined their power and joined to form the horrifying Terror-Beast, Red Spark. Laying waste to the refinery district, Zone Fighter was forced to reveal his last and most powerful form. However this would not be the end of the Garoga attack. Using it, they recharged the failing powers of Zone Fighter, thereby letting him continue the fight against the Terror-Beast. Unleashing new vigor and strength, it wasn't long before the warrior from Peaceland destroyed the Garoga monstrosity with a few volleys from his Meteor Missile Might.


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