The Devil Bone Fish is a species of aquatic creature from the 2005 kaiju film Deep Sea Monster Reigo and its sequel, the 2009 kaiju parody film, Deep Sea Monster Raiga.


The Devil Bone Fish were a prehistoric species of fish known to sailors to harbor impending doom of the monster Reigo, among them were the crew of the Yamato. A school of these animals were seen in the modern day swarming around Raiga. A giant Devil Bone Fish is then seen swimming out of the ocean's darkness to attack Raiga. Raiga eventually kills the giant Devil Bone Fish and Returns to the depths of the ocean. The only other example of the Devil Bone Fish in the film is a specimen that drifted ashore and is being examined by a scientist. In this part of the movie it is stated that the fish were believed to have been long extinct.


Aquatic maneuverability

The Devil Bone Fish have excellent swimming capabilities, along with speed in the marine environment.

Devil Bone
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