The Devonians are a fish-like alien race that appears in the IDW comic book series, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth.


Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

The Devonians came to Earth from their homeworld centuries ago and had been living under Earth's oceans ever since. Recent intrusions by the surface-dwellers had infuriated the Devonians' leader, causing him to begin plans to exterminate the human race. The Devonians made an alliance with the Cryogs, agreeing to partition the planet equally between each other after humanity's destruction. The Devonians genetically engineered an army of murderous crustacean monsters they called Destoroyah and sent them to Honolulu. Steven Woods managed to drive most of the Destoroyahs off, but upon encountering Godzilla they merged together into one giant demonic monster. Destoroyah badly wounded Godzilla and forced him to retreat. Godzilla later returned with Mothra and together they managed to defeat Destoroyah.

When the Cryogs sought refuge with the Devonians after their ship was damaged, the Devonians seized the opportunity to send their newest creation, the plant monster Biollante, to destroy the ship and end their truce. Biollante killed most of the Cryogs and annihilated their ship, but is attacked by Godzilla. After Godzilla caused a nearby volcano to erupt, Biollante was burned alive and dissipated into energy spores that retreated to the atmosphere. The Devonians then launched an all-out assault on a human naval fleet using their mind-controlled guardian monsters Titanosaurus, Manda, and Gezora. Unbeknownst to the Devonians, the Cryogs' commander Rhizon has survived Biollante's attack and had taken the form of a Devonian and given the humans information on how to destroy the Devonians' capital. The Devonians sent the revived Destoroyah along with their other monsters to fight off Godzilla and the human military, but their forces were ultimately defeated and their capital is decimated.


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