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Is there another creature that might stand a chance against him? „ 

— Foster, about Ghidorah


Colonel Diane Foster is a soldier character who first appeared in the 2019 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


We'll do an emergency vertical takeoff at max RPM! Number two's still speeding up! „ 

— Foster

Given her decorated career from supersonic air force raids to tactical leadership of some of the most dangerous frontlines on the battlefield, Foster is a battle-hardened soldier who's considered a "force of human nature to be reckoned with".


Having achieved her Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the Caliber Military Institute, and formerly serving as an instructor of the 75th U.S. Army Ranger Regiment, Colonel Foster built a reputation for bringing out the best in soldiers. On New Year's Day 2015, Foster was recruited by Monarch. Given unlimited resources and leadership of the G-Team, she only requested to train the best soldiers in Titan tactical warfare and engagement.[1]

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Foster is among the Monarch agents in Castle Bravo who learns about the kidnapping of Emma Russell and her daughter Madison that Alan Jonah orchestrated. Upon realizing Godzilla's sudden aggressive behavior, Foster commanded the G-Team to prepare the maser turrets. Mark Russell and Ishiro Serizawa advise her to stand down since they know that aggravating Godzilla would be suicide. Foster reluctantly tells her subordinates to disengage their weapons. When Rick Stanton reveals that Godzilla is heading for Outpost 32 in Antarctica, Foster orders the G-Team to prepare the USS Argo for departure.

Foster leads the G-Team into Outpost 32 and enters a gunfight with Jonah's men. When Mark enters the fray, Foster snipes Asher Jonah in the head to protect her colleague. Without warning, Emma detonates the explosives around the outpost, forcing Mark and the G-Team to make their escape as a mysterious Titan designated as "Monster Zero" rises from the ice. Foster requests for reinforcements from the Argo before Godzilla arrives to fight Monster Zero. Several Monarch agents, including Vivienne Graham, were killed in the battle, and Monster Zero decides to escape.

As Foster regroups with her colleague on the Argo, they receive a message from Emma, who reveals herself to be in league with Jonah and plans to use the ORCA awaken the Titans from their slumber. The team travels to Isla de Mara just as Rodan emerges from the volcano. When Monster Zero is reported to be heading towards the island, Foster commands the G-Team to lure Rodan towards the three-headed Titan. Monster Zero swiftly overpowers Rodan and proceeds to fly towards the Argo. Godzilla then leaps from the water and pushes Monster Zero to the sea, decapitating his left head until the US military fires the Oxygen Destroyer. In the aftermath, Monster Zero flies from the water whilst Godzilla is presumed dead.

Foster questions why the Oxygen Destroyer did not kill Monster Zero as Ilene Chen comes across an old mural that reveals Monster Zero's real name as "Ghidorah", an alien creature that intends to reshape Earth into a suitable habitat. When the team returns to Castle Bravo, William Stenz inform them that all of the Titans are wreaking havoc around the world, with Mark believing that they are heeding to Ghidorah's will. When Foster asks if any creature on the planet can stand a chance against Ghidorah, Serizawa solemnly says that Godzilla is the only one who is. Options are running low until Mothra arrives at Castle Bravo, revealing that Godzilla is still alive. With this new information, Monarch splits up into two groups. Foster, Sam Coleman, and the G-Team heads for Washington DC to help the US military in fighting Ghidorah and Rodan, while Mark, Serizawa, Stanton, and Chen journeys to the Hollow Earth to rejuvenate Godzilla with a nuclear warhead.

Ghidorah and Rodan decimate the US military and the G-Team in DC as Foster and Coleman learn that all the other Titans have ceased their rampage. They then reunite with Mark's team after Serizawa sacrificed himself to revive Godzilla and realizes that Emma has combined Godzilla's bioacoustics with that of humans' to create the ORCA's signal, thus tracing it to Boston, Massachusetts.

Foster leads the military in aiding Godzilla and Mothra in their battle against Ghidorah and Rodan. When Ghidorah obliterates almost every aircraft in the area and realizes that Godzilla's nuclear overload is reaching critical mass, Foster orders the survivors to retreat. After Mothra sacrificed herself to protect Godzilla, Foster pilots an Osprey to rescue the G-Team and the Russells as Emma sacrifices herself to protect her family. Godzilla eventually destroys Ghidorah with a series of thermonuclear pulses as the Titans bow to their new Alpha.

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