The soundtrack of Dogora was released in 1996, with music by Akira Ifukube.



  1. The Toho Logo - The Man-made Satellite
  2. Main Title
  3. Radio Background Music I
  4. Radio Background Music II
  5. Bizarre Incident at Night
  6. A Luminous Entity on the Safe
  7. Strange Incident at the Thermoelectric Plant
  8. A Coal Truck Rises Off the Ground
  9. Appearance of the Luminous Entity
  10. Headline News
  11. Raining Down Rocks and Stones
  12. The Iwato Bridge and Dogora
  13. Will Dogora Become Extinct?
  14. Dogora Multiplies and Multiplies
  15. Dogora's Natural Enemy
  16. Dogora's Offspring Strike Back
  17. The Air Corps Launches an Offensive
  18. Explosive Sounds of Victory
  19. Ending
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