Dorola (ドロラ,   Dorora?) is a genetically altered Terror-Beast kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the third episode of Zone Fighter, Defeat Garoga's Subterranean Base!.




Showa Series

Zone Fighter

Instead of experimenting with machinery like they did Destro-King, for their third beast the Garogas decided to experiment with DNA. Dorola was the result of combining the DNA of a reptile and crab with a rose. Soon after deployment of Dorola, Zone Fighter appeared to save the day. Zone's attempt was short-lived however, after Dorola's toxic smog temporarily drained the hero of his powers. While Zone recovered, Zone Angel and Zone Junior stepped in before his power was regained. Zone grew once more to battle, but this time he would not be defeated. He quickly proved himself to the monster, slicing Dorola's arms clean off. Fearing death, the helpless monster began spraying his mist, fogging up the city. Zone used his Plasma Capsule to clear the blinding smog, leaving Dorola wide open. Zone finished off the monster with his Meteor Missile Might attack.


Dorola can use his crab claws and rose tentacles for mass destruction and for battling opponents. He can also emit streams of gas from his mouth and can discharge a vast amount of mist to shroud himself. Also, the mist can give an opponent the impression that he is teleporting.


Dorola uses edited roars from the Ultraseven kaiju, Giradorus.



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