The Ebirah (エビラ,   Ebira?) of the Final Wars continuity is a giant lobster kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 2004 film, Godzilla: Final Wars.


Like the original, Ebirah's name is derived from the Japanese word ebi (海老?), meaning shrimp, a misnomer given Ebirah is a lobster.



The kaiju's "FinalEbira" design is noticeably different from its predecessor's. The dark red carapace has a large goblin nose-like crest, one claw that is much longer than the other, eight large legs, and 16-20 spikes along its length.

Ebirah's eyes are set into the head, and it has crustacean-like antennae and mouth. Its underside is a very dark red, almost brown color. The body segments are clearly distinguished and separated, making it look realistic.


Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

Ebirah in Godzilla: Final Wars

Ebirah was one of the many controlled monsters of the Xiliens. It destroys a factory near Tokyo. The military forces try to destroy Ebirah, but the immense crustacean is too powerful, knocking over buildings in order to destroy tanks and resisting weaponry with its durable exoskeleton. But the mutant soldiers are called to stop the monster.

The mutants successfully defeat Ebirah with specialized hand-held maser cannons and were about to kill it, when it disappeared. The Xiliens arrive and say that they destroyed the monsters to save Earth. However, it is soon found out that the monsters were controlled by the Xiliens. The Gotengo then frees Godzilla from Antarctica, so he could fight the controlled kaiju. The plan is a success, and Godzilla successfully defeats most of the kaiju. Then, Ebirah and Hedorah are sent to destroy Godzilla in Tokyo bay.

However, Godzilla blasts them out of the water with the atomic ray and the duo crash into a building, with Ebirah accidentally piercing Hedorah's large eye with its pincer. Godzilla then emerges from the waves and fires another atomic ray and defeats both Ebirah and Hedorah.


Crisis Scissors

Ebirah can attack with both of its claws in a signature attack called "Crisis Scissors."


Ebirah's exoskeleton is shown to be capable of withstanding explosive and blunt attacks.


Delicate Claws

Ebirah's claws were shown to not be as durable as the rest of its body. The mutants, during their attack on Ebirah, managed to shoot away much of its claws using their weaponry, exploiting that vulnerability.


  • This version of Ebirah is nearly killed by Ozaki and the other mutants' maser cannons, making Ebirah one of the few monsters to be defeated by humanity without the use of vehicles, super-weapons like the Oxygen Destroyer, or other monsters.

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