El Gusano Gigante
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El Gusano

Biological Information

Mutated Central American Worm


Unmutated Worm


~100 meters


~10,000 tons

Affiliation Information

Giant Mutant Bee
Zilla Junior


Zilla Junior (formerly), H.E.A.T. (formerly), Military (formerly), Tachyons



Controlled by

Tachyons (formerly)

Production Information
Created by

Fil Barlow

First appearance


El Gusano Gigante (エルグサノ,   Eru Gusano?) is a worm mutation kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that first appeared in the 1998 Godzilla: The Series episode, D.O.A.


El Gusano Gigante's name means "the giant worm" in Spanish.


Godzilla: The Series


El Gusano Gigante fed off a rare poisonous plant in Mexico which enabled it to grow to incomprehensible worm proportions. It proceeded to ravage the local farmland. It was then chased by H.E.A.T., and eventually the Mexican Military decided to use a chemical weapon against it. The weapon has the opposite effect of what was desired, as it powers up El Gusano Gigante even further. El Gusano was later lured onto a cliff where the humans discovered its weakness to fire. In its weakened state, El Gusano Gigante was subjected to a sustained blast of Godzilla's Atomic Ray, and shrank to normal size.

Monster Wars: Part 1

El Gusano Gigante reappared with Crustaceous Rex, Giant Mutant Rat and Giant Mutant Bee controlled by the Tachyons.

Monster Wars: Part 2

El Gusano Gigante was sent by the Tachyons to destroy Moscow with Giant Mutant Bee.

Monster Wars: Part 3

After escaping the Tachyon mind control, El Gusano Gigante attempted to fight back against the Tachyons, but was killed for its efforts.


  • El Gusano Gigante is an excellent burrower.
  • El Gusano Gigante can emit fire or toxin blasts from its mouth.
  • El Gusano Gigante can create large shockwaves by slamming its head into the ground in Godzilla The Series: Monster Wars.

Video Game Appearances


In Other Languages

  • English: The Giant Worm


  • El Gusano Gigante is the one and only kaiju in the entire Godzilla franchise whose name is in Spanish.
  • It resembles the Brain Bug from Starship Troopers. It also shares some similar features with the Graboids from the film Tremors.
  • The idea of the military trying to kill a kaiju with a weapon that turns out to be its natural food (essentially feeding the creature) is similar to the radiation-eating M.U.T.O. in the Legendary film.
  • There is a little possibility that El Gusano was injured for its efforts and still be alive. After the Tachyon threat is neutralized, El Gusano Gigante is possibly taken by Anthony Hicks to live on Monster Island.
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