It's not the end of the world. „ 

— Elle to Ford


Elle Brody (エル・ブロディ?, Eru Burodi) is a nurse character created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in the 2014 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla.


Well, he is your family. „ 

— Elle, to Ford about his father

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Joseph Brody

Joseph was Elle's father-in-law.

Sandra Brody

Sandra was Elle's mother-in-law.

Ford Brody

Ford is Elle's husband during the events of the film, and the two shared a close bond.

Sam Brody

Sam is Elle's son. Much like Ford, Elle and Sam are close, and she was visibly elated to see him safe at the end of the film.



I've, I've, I've been calling everywhere. Are you, are you okay? I just, I can't believe this is happening. „ 

— Elle to Ford

Elle is the wife of U.S. Navy soldier Ford Brody. When he returns from his job in the military he soon finds out that his father has been contained in Japan. Elle persuades him to go help his father. After Ford leaves for Japan, sometime later Ellie worriedly watches the news as the Godzilla and a MUTO are shown in Honolulu, Hawaii, and tries to contact her husband to no avail.

Later when San Francisco is being evacuated, she has her son Sam Brody leave on a bus with a co-worker while she stays behind. Then Elle tries to find Ford but is instead thrown into a building with many other bystanders for protection. During Godzilla’s battle with the MUTOs, one of the buildings comes down on him and the building Ellie is in. The day after Godzilla has taken out the MUTOs Ellie reunites with her husband and son.

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In the Original Script, Elle was Ford's Sister and Joe(oiriginally called Nathan Maddox) was her stepfather.