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Humans have been the dominant species for thousands of years, and look what's happened. Overpopulation, pollution, war. The mass extinction we feared has already begun. And we are the cause. We are the infection. But like all living organisms, the Earth unleashed a fever to fight this infection. Its original and rightful rulers, the Titans. „ 

— Emma Russell


Dr. Emma Russell is a scientist who will make her first appearance in the 2019 MonsterVerse Godzilla graphic comic, Godzilla: Aftershock, before appearing in the 2019 Godzilla film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. She was also revealed to be the secondary human antagonist of the film.



Emma has blue eyes and short wavy golden brown hair.

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I'm sorry, Madison. This is bigger than just you and me. „ 

— Emma

Emma is described as being brilliant and independent but somewhat unorthodox. She is passionate about the wellbeing of the planet, stemming from her pre-Monarch days as an environmental activist. Emma is also a dedicated mother to Madison and, feeling a duty to both her and the planet, Emma seeks to prepare her daughter for the post-Godzilla world. Unfortunately the loss of her son has fostered a newfound resentment of the human race and a desire to right old wrongs, coming to the conclusion that the world would be better off if there were less humans around.


Mark Russell

You are out of your goddamn mind! First. you put our daughter's life in danger and now you get to decide the fate of the world. That's rich, Emma!
I couldn't be more sane, and Madison couldn't be stronger. After we lost Andrew, I trained her to survive. And at least now, she will have a fighting chance.

— Mark and Emma

Before they were recruited by Monarch, Emma and Mark were co-leaders on Project ORCA and leaders in the field of bioacoustics. They grew close with each other through their shared love of the sounds of nature, and the band "The Pixies". After suffering a loss in the Battle of San Francisco, Emma and Mark separated. An element that added to their personal conflict is their opposing views on the Titans. Emma believes humans and Titans can co-exist peacefully, and she wants to figure out how and protect the creatures. However, still reeling from their loss, Mark believes the Titans are destructive beasts that should be destroyed, especially Godzilla, as they have brought his family nothing but trouble and grief.

Andrew Russell

Having lost her son in Godzilla's first battles in the modern age, Emma suffered terribly. She clearly loved her child dearly, which caused her to bury herself in her work in memory of him. However, her grief over Andrew's death drove her towards a very nihilistic view of humanity as a whole, and many of her misguided actions were committed in his name.

Madison Russell

Listen, I know things haven't been easy for you. But we're gonna get through this. Together. „ 

— Emma to Madison

For years, Emma took Madison around the world with on assignments and taught her everything she knows about Titans. Despite Madison being gifted in her studies, Emma denied her requests for access to outpost containment units. After her divorce from Mark, Emma let him keep in touch with Madison and spend time with her. When she and Madison are taken captive by Jonah and his mercenaries, Emma tries to shield Madison from the bloodshed committed by the ecoterrorists. Emma convinced Madison to join her and Jonah's efforts to release the dormant Titans and create a better world in Andrew's memory; however, as the plan gets out of hand and Madison becomes conflicted, Emma falls out of favor with her daughter. When Madison runs away, Emma holds Jonah at gunpoint, as she still loves her daughter and refuses to lose another child.

Alan Jonah

Leave her out of this.
Why? You're the one who pulled her into it.

— Emma and Jonah, about Madison

Emma is a person of interest to Jonah. As a victim of targeted surveillance, Emma was stalked by Jonah around the globe to a number of her labs before he takes her hostage to gain control of her invention the ORCA, as it enables communication with the Titans and can potentially control them as well. Emma went to Jonah with the plan to gradually awaken the Titans and orchestrated her and Madison's own kidnapping. As Madison began to have doubts, Emma and Jonah debated their plan as things get out of control. After Madison runs away, Emma comes into conflict with Jonah when she wants to go after her daughter and points her gun at him.


From a young age, Emma Williams was considered a "brilliant but rebellious" maverick as she was involved with environmental activism, and she took part in protests that resulted in the occasional arrest. She went on to get her Masters of Science in Biology and Ph.D. in Paleobiology at the University of Rochester and Ohio State University respectively.

In 2002, Emma and her new husband Dr. Mark Russell had a son named Andrew. Three years later, the doctoral candidates caught Monarch's attention when they sent out a sonic pulse wave signal from the greater Boston area, a signal that matched a previously recorded Titan song. Monarch dispatched Dr. Serizawa, Dr. Graham, and a field unit to investigate and found Emma and Mark at MIT working on the prototype for the ORCA, a revolutionary communication device that could potentially change the course of human and Titan co-existence. Together, Emma and Mark's groundbreaking research in the field of bioacoustics revolutionized inter-species communication. Two years later in 2007, Emma and Mark had a daughter named Madison, and they were activated by Monarch on May 4th. As a Monarch scientist, Emma often took Madison with her on assignments but forbade her daughter access to the containment units at the outposts.

In 2009, following a strange bio-acoustic signature, guided by Dr. Ilene Chen and her sister Dr. Ling, Emma led a team of operatives to the high-altitude jungles of China's Yunnan province, where they discovered a megalithic temple containing a giant cocoon with a rapid heartbeat detected inside. Five years later in 2014, Emma was offered a job in San Francisco so the family left their home in Boston. As Godzilla fought the MUTOs in the city, Emma and Mark's 12-year-old son Andrew was killed. After the battle, the surviving Russell family moved back to Boston, and Emma and Mark destroyed the ORCA prototype. Emma focused on rebuilding and perfecting it in the hopes of preventing another catastrophe. Emma and Mark eventually separated because of their disagreements on the implications of the ORCA and the loss of Andrew.[1] Emma retained custody of Madison and continued taking her along on assignments around the world.

Godzilla: Aftershock

Had Godzilla not stopped the creatures, they would have mated. After that, who can say? Perhaps the impregnated female would have killed the male and metamorphosed into her adult form. The creature the ancients called Jinshin-Mushi. „ 

— Emma, about the MUTOs

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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