English Channel

The Strait of Dover, the narrowest section of the English Channel.

The English Channel is a stretch of sea between England and France. At its shortest width, it is only 21 miles wide. The English Channel appears in a scene in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars.


Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars - Manda 2004

Manda battling the Gotengo in the English Channel in Godzilla: Final Wars

Swimming along the English Channel, the giant sea serpent Manda approached Normandy when he was confronted by the Gotengo. During the battle, the Gotengo lured Manda above an undersea volcano, where he was seemingly burned to death by the eruption. However, Manda survived, and burning red-hot, headed straight for the Gotengo. The Gotengo's captain, Douglas Gordon, used the ship's Absolute Zero cannon to freeze Manda solid, and then destroyed him by ramming him with the ship's drill nose, shattering the serpent into chunks of ice.


  • Despite the English Channel being relatively shallow, in Godzilla: Final Wars it is apparently deep enough to support an underwater volcano. In addition, no volcanoes exist anywhere near England or France, making the inclusion of one somewhat bizarre.
  • It's erroneously stated in Godzilla: Final Wars that the English Channel is in an ocean off the coast of Normandy, with the area Manda appears in being described as 'ocean floor'. This is incorrect, because the entirety of Normandy is on the southern side of the English Channel, with the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean being over 100 miles to the west.
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