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Escape from the Genetic Laboratory (脱出! 遺伝子研究所,   Dasshutsu! Idenshi Kenkyūjo?) is the fourth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode opens with Yuu Kujou attending a swimming lesson at a local swimming school. He takes a shuttle bus home, but on the way there it is taken by a spider-like Mutian. the Show cuts to Rei Kujou at Gou Kazama's apartment, asking if he has seen her brother. Gou says he hasn't and dismisses his disappearance as his going to a friend's house instead of coming home. Rei then decides to visit the school, and Gou and Takeo Shiroishi go with her. When they arrive, they are met with many parents asking the whereabouts of their children. Meanwhile, Yuu tries to make a phone call out of the bus, but gets no reception. Rei, Gou, and the Professor suspect that Crown may be behind the disappearance, and Gou picks up a Ki trail, which they begin to follow. It is then revealed tat the swimmers are at a Crown facility, and are to be used as guinea pigs for Fallah experiments. Gou, Rei, and the Professor soon find the Crown Facility, and are attacked by guards, but they prove to be no match for Gou and Rei's KenouRyuu skills. Yuu and the others try to dig their way out of their cell with school supplies. When the guards are defeated by Gou, and are replaced with Fangs. The children's digging brings them to their cell's security panel, which Yuu hacks allowing them to escape. Gou then runs into a room where Megumi Shion waits for him. She tells him that if he submits to experimentation, the children will be spared, but of he refuses they will be experimented on in his stead. Te children in question make their way up a staircase, where they encounter Rei and the Professor. They all escape the facility safely, but their escape is announced over the building's intercom, and Ms. Shion is forced to release the spider Mutian (now revealed to be called Spiras) on Gou. The two battle for a time, until Spiras is killed and the Genetic research Laboratory is evacuated.



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